As the Notion Campus Leader of Bilkent and with our deep interest in AI, we requested to participate in the private beta of Notion AI. We were invited to try the new features and provide feedback.

During a live Zoom meeting with a Notion Product Operations Manager and two Notion AI engineers, we had the opportunity to test Notion’s newest AI features for one hour. Afterward, we shared our feedback with them and filled out a survey regarding the new features.

While we cannot share specific details about the features, we can say that we were impressed by the AI’s capabilities. We could see the potential of this AI in the future of Notion.

The new QA feature was particularly impressive. It answered our questions about the content we were working on, understanding the context and providing relevant answers.

Additionally, other improvements built into the product were remarkable. These advancements further showcased the potential of the AI in Notion’s future.

Stay tuned for the public release of these new features. We are excited to see how the public will react to them.

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