Bilkent GPT is an artificial intelligence assistant I developed. It is integrated with the Bilkent Online social media application and can answer users’ questions based on available document sources with low latency (<800 ms) using the retrieval augmented generation. Bilkent GPT is supported by Microsoft and OpenAI within the Bilkent Online project. It is an AI assistant that aims to build a comprehensive knowledge base with contributions from the Bilkent community.

Bilkent GPT is a community project! So if you are a Bilkent student, you can contribute to the knowledge base by adding your notes, assignments, and other documents.

You can also help coding the AI assistant itself. Contact me if you are interested in contributing to the project. I am open to new ideas and collaborations.

I will share more details soon. Stay tuned!

Try now:

Bilkent GPT is in alpha stage. If you encounter any issues, please let me know :D