I recently got access to Google Maker Suit. It enabled me to try Google’s LLM capabilities.

However, it is only open to the USA currently. I have been using US VPN to access. The API is also working on machines in the USA or may need a proxy.

Fortunately, after getting API keys. I can just use Google Colab to try.


  • UI
    • Google’s UI is better than its competitor
    • You can:
      • Save to Drive
      • Export to ColabEasy few-shot training using example prompts and answers
      • Data Prompt option to use structured data
      • Easily adjust safety settings
  • API
    • PaLM 2
    • Firebase extensions: Easily implement in a current Firebase project
    • Input token limit 8096
    • 30 free API calls per minute (3 in ChatGPT)
    • PaLM Colab Magic: Enables to work with tabular data easily. Google Sheets support


  • Output token limit 1024
  • I think currently is worse than GPT 4 even 3.5 in many tasks
  • They say the knowledge cutoff date is mid-2021. However, it knows something about current news but not much.
PaLM Settings